This site is dedicated to the memory of Skiles Test. It is owned and operated by the Louellen Test Hesse family.

In Indianapolis, the legends of Skiles Test’s “House of Blue Lights” became the biggest urban legend in the entire state of Indiana. But what was the real story?

Was it true he had his dead wife in a casket?
Did he really have 150 cats?
Did he really have 30 guard dogs?
Were there underground tunnels?

For adults, the myths about the House of Blue Lights might seem silly. However, as kids, scary tales like the Haunted Bridge and The House of Blue Lights fascinated us. Even as teenagers these legends held interest for us. Even today, though it has been many years since the “House” has been torn down, there is tremendous interest in it. There are newspaper and internet articles galore. So will the legend ever die? Will the truth ever be known? And, which legend do you believe. The one about the woman who told her husband to never bury her but worship her body. The one about the man who could raise spirits from the dead? Or perhaps the most famous which is just a tormented man mourning his loss? The choice is yours!