Aerial View

Aerial House of Blue Lights There are 3 aerial views available of 6700 Fall Creek Boulevard, Indianapolis, Indiana. View #1 is a simple drawing showing the locations of the buildings. (If you click on the view it will enlarge for you) This view represents how the property looked around 1960. The other 2 views are will take you to a link at IUPUI (Indiana, Purdue, Indianapolis Campus). Here you can see an actual picture of the park as it looks today and a picture of the property in 1937. If you zoom the 1937 view you can compare it to View #1. You should be able to make out some of the buildings such as the cow barn, house, and swimming pool. If you would like a tour of the park, I would be glad to do that. I live in Indianapolis and I am a former employee of Skiles Test. I worked there during the early 60’s. Feel free to contact me. (Sorry, but currently the link to IUPUI is unavailable 12-2015).