Barbara Williams’s Story

My mother, Denzil Featherston Totman shared her memories of being a teenager and working at a drive-in, The Pole, at Illinois and Westfield Blvd.   Mr. Test visited The Pole often and on occasion would invite those working to come to his home to swim and have a good time.  My mother went with her friends and had a great time and they all thought highly of Mr. Test.  He always enjoyed the company of the young people.  In later years she and my father, William Totman went to see Mr. Test and had a time of fellowship.  It was a joy for both of them to share the memories of the past.  As a teen my husband, Richard Williams visited the Test Estate to swim when invited by a friend, Phil Imes,  whose aunt was Mr. Test’s secretary.  He shares the story of Mr. Test telling of the wagon loads of meat that were brought out for the feeding of the cats and the blue lights that were to keep the bugs away.  I have a paperback book, The House of Blue Lightswhich has always been special to me.  We also had a lady in our church who was a housekeeper for Mr. Test.  I have forgotten her name, but I know that she lived fairly close in the Castleton area.  Thanks for the memories and good luck in putting them all together.