John Powell’s Story

I lived in Lawrence and attended Lawrence Central High School, graduating in 1957. Yes, I and other members of the football team and our dates ventured to the “House of Blue Lights” one dark, cloudy evening in the summer of 1956. We were scared to death because of the things we’d heard and the fear of “getting caught”. The biggest discovery/disappointment was the huge fence we ran into in the driveway. There was a “rumor”  that the fence was electrified and if you touched it, you’d be shocked to death. Needless to say, that was the end of our venture. Our dates stayed in our cars and locked the doors. They were scared of the “ghost” rumors….and truthfully, at the young age of 16, we were scared too with our imaginations running wild….ghosts, electric fences, etc. I’m now 71 and happilly retired. Over the years, When people find out I went to Lawrence Central, I’m almost always asked about the House of Blud Lights, asking “did you ever go there?”  At first we had to play the macho role and told people   “yeah…we went up there”. It’s a good thing our noses didn’t grow. The joy of our experience was the maximizing of our imagination. Over the years, even though all the “rumors” have been dispelled, I still smile and chuckle to myself when I think of House of Blue lights caper and enjoy telling my story. Thanks for the wonderful memories and fun.