Lee Folgers story

My Night at the House of Blue Lights
In short, before the house was raised (as best that I remember it was around 1979) my mother-in-law and I took a course in a popular non-credit learning vehicle of the time. It was called “Free University” and offered students an opportunity to learn about something that they might have an interest in that might not be offered in a usual classroom. She had always thought that she’d been reincarnated and had previously lived in England. The class was “Hypnosis and Reincarnation” and it sounded interesting to me, so we took it together.
As I recall, it ran 6 or 8 weeks and one of the things that I learned was how to self hypnotize. I utilized this primarily to revitalize/refresh myself in a very brief amount of time, which extended my mental acuity without having to sleep for a longer period. At the end of the class, the instructor asked if anyone would like to go to The House of Blue Lights for an experiment. He was going to have a medium who was to conduct a séance. Local TV station (channel 13) was going to video tape around the famous house and the séance for a Halloween Special. My mother-in-law and I thought it might be interesting, so we went.
For some reason the night of the séance, the medium couldn’t make it so our instructor offered to conduct the event himself. He said that he felt comfortable leading us and I suppose that the TV cameras probably encouraged him, too.
We scrounged around and found a make-shift table and things to sit around it for those who were going to participate. There were about 5-6 people to start with. As I recall, everyone but one lady from channel 13 were from our class. In the beginning, our leader offered prayer to protect us from hostile spirits. He then instructed us to place our hands flat on the table, with our thumbs touching and our little fingers touching our neighbors little fingers. He told us that as he conducted the séance, he would periodically touch certain participants on the shoulder. That person was to leave the table and those left would “close the gap” to their new neighbor.
As we began and I emptied my mind, I remember having a vision of a man in a doorway across the table and to my left. I felt my voice lowering and sensed a sentence emanating from the man in my vision. He was saying, “come to me”. Just a request. Nothing threatening. But it shocked me and I suddenly came out of the trance. As I returned to the present, I became aware that the table I was sitting at was levitated and the lady from channel 13 and I were the only two still sitting there. The table came crashing to the floor and was broken.
That was it for the night. Our instructor said that he wanted to conduct another séance the next evening without the presence of the cameras and bright lights. I decided that I’d had enough and really didn’t want to go any further in this direction.