Tom Brinkman’s Story

1st picture Kim  was about 2 years old. I was 12 years old . That summer we had weighted Kim the dog in the picture with me weighted 240 pounds; we used a scale that was used to weight bags of cow grain. He was not crazy about setting on the scale but the dog yummies helped,. that was the way I could make him behave. Always keeping  them in my pocket. I sure loved the dogs.
Kim did not like cats.but Fuzzy was okay with the cats.
Kim would speak, shake. sit, and sometimes lay down. love to swim.
Fuzzy was not trained as well.Both loved to be shampooed and brushed. Brushing everyday when time allotted. When I was working the pens were cleaned everyday. James cleaned them during the week days. Most likely Mon Wed Friday cause that was Vivians scheduled days.Sunday Vivian, Skiles and myself took them out. I groomed them before the walks.1 oclock  I would go to the west pourch bath room window and call Mr. Test he and Vivian would come out and we would take the dogs. I  loved that part of the job Mr. Test was allot of fun with the dogs. Except Kim would bully him on the leach. He did not know the secret to Kim Make him set than lead him off. I was afraid to tell Mr. Test that part. I was just a kid.When I pulled 2 times on the leach he would sit; Well what a great opportunity raising such large dogs. I still love St Bernards. I just have horses now  sense 1974. The picture are great description of the life at the House Of Blue Lights. Yes the lights in front and on the trees worked we lighted them on time.They were beautiful